Get Comfortable with Low-E Glass Coatings

When choosing windows for new construction or replacing your home's old windows there is no need to sacrifice appearance to achieve comfort and energy efficiency. Just like putting on sunscreen before heading to the beach, current window technology protects your furniture, pictures, art work, wall coverings, carpet and everything else in your home from the damage of ultraviolet (UV) light. This same technology helps to block infrared (IR) light which keeps your home from warming up resulting in cooling cost savings.

We offer the latest solar "comfort" control technology for:

  • Dramatic reduction of heat gain (summer) and heat loss (winter).
  • Eliminate UV damage to carpet, draperies, art and furniture.
  • Enhance appearance of glass with subtle color hues available.
  • Retain natural light transmission for a brighter living space.

Today’s windows are beautiful to look at AND energy efficient!

For even more savings, Gulf Power offers energy rebates for homeowners that upgrade to this type of product.

To learn more about this new window technology, check out our recent blog post, "Question: Why Is Low-E Coated Glass The Only Choice in NW Florida?"

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Clear glass is not your only choice.