How do we define "Quality" at Glass Services of the South?

Attention to Detail applied from "cradle to Grave" in all we do. Ask any of our associates and they will likely laugh and nod while affirming the "cradle to grave" term. I guess I could use start to finish but I like cradle to grave better.

How does it apply?

  • The way we take your calls or greet you when you visit – friendly and accommodating.
  • The value we provide – the right product at the best price to meet your needs.
  • The respect we show for your time – we keep our appointments and do what we promise.
  • The extra effort we apply – we shop the best vendors to ensure the best overall value for you.
  • The respect we show for your property – we cover up, clean up and protect before, during and after each project.

We know you have choices and our actions must align with our words. The business world is a better place since online reviews came into play. Any curious consumer can learn more about a company's practices than ever before.

Please consider Glass Services of the South and rate us after your experience!

Barry Lintner

Glass Services of the South Team